Sprinkler head testing image The protection of the community through the maintenance and administration of a suite of appraisal and listing schemes is one the important roles within the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, division of Materials Science and Engineering (CSIRO-MSE).

CSIRO-MSE, is responsible for the maintenance and administration of the ActivFire® Scheme and maintaining the Register of Fire Protection Equipment.

As a Registered Testing Authority, defined in the Building Code of Australia, CSIRO-MSE operates well-equipped laboratories throughout Australia, including the services provided by Fire Systems Group at the Highett, Victoria site. Specific facilities include:

  • a purpose-built smoke test room;
  • environmental chambers;
  • corrosion and weathering apparatus;
  • detector test ovens;
  • electrical transient testers; and
  • a comprehensive range of electromagnetic susceptibility test equipment.

Testing monitoring panelWithin the structure of CSIRO-MSE, the ActivFire® Scheme operates independently, but is backed by the expertise the laboratory has in the testing and evaluation of fire protection equipment.

The scheme recognises investigations undertaken by CSIRO-MSE, other Registered Testing Authorities and depending upon the product type and applicable compliance assessment criteria, investigations and approvals by a number of overseas agencies.

The ActivFire® Register of Fire Protection Equipment is referenced in the BCA 2006 Volume One, under Section A2.2 Evidence of Suitability.