Technical specifications

Technical specifications are referenced for the purposes of product evaluation for conformity.

Documents authorised for release can be viewed/downloaded from the following links:


 Product certification: Schedule of reference criteria

 138 kB


 Product certification: Schedule of reference criteria, Grouped by product type/sub-category

 138 kB


 Lead-acid batteries for control and indicating equipment - AS 4428.5-1998, Clause 2.6

 39 kB


 Visual smoke detection systems

 240 kB


 Evaluation for Conformity of Smoke Alarms to the requirements of AS 3786:2014

 300 kB


 Sampling and Testing of Fire Detectors

 224 kB


 Sample Testing of Smoke Detectors - Damp Heat Test

 22 kB


 Visual Smoke Detection Systems

 116 kB

 OLPBV, Criteria halon re-certification

 Criteria for Re-certification of Halon Recovery/Recycling Equipment

 17 kB

 OLPBV, Criteria halon recovery

 Criteria for Halon Recovery/Recycling Equipment

 13 kB

 OLPBV, Criteria halon transfer

 Criteria for Halon Transfer Equipment

 13 kB



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